Make My Day: Episode 45 ft. Chelsea LaBate

Chelsea LaBate

For more than a decade, Chelsea has been relentless. Song after song, creating and touring endlessly. Under the moniker Ten Cent Poetry, Chelsea makes music. Chelsea discovered her knack for songwriting in New York City through the grind and promise of an open mic. Surprised by the early recognition she received from her performances, music took over as the guiding force in her life. Originally a painter, Chelsea followed a new path that led to life, story and adventure.

I was introduced to Chelsea through an old friend whose opinions I value highly. As I looked into her work, I immediately gravitated toward her Songcrafter radio series. Built with hours and hours of mixed media, Songcrafter is a course intended to help open the creativity of others, while existing simultaneously as a personal manifesto of expressive power.

Chelsea is a creative genius, and her work is an echo of that fact. I am more than honored to share with you our conversation covering path, purpose, persistence and the rebellious act of being unrelenting.

Check out her music and her Songcrafter series by clicking the links below...



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