Make My Day: Episode 43 ft. Taft Mashburn


Taft is one of the most compelling artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. A relentless creator, captivating performer, and an uncompromising producer.


I first met him after he’d moved back from his time spent in New York. Watching him perform, I became envious of the control he maintained over his material. He gracefully dug into song after song, each of which were of that high caliber one witnesses when attending the performance of a true artist.


One indistinguishable summer afternoon in Austin, I had gotten together with Josh Halpern (drummer for Marmalakes, Shearwater, TAFT among many others). He was living with Taft in a house just a few minutes walking distance from my own. I didn’t know Taft too well at the time. We came in to say hi and found him in a poorly lit bedroom, hunched over a computer screen working on his music. At that moment, I started to realize that there were artists recording and producing their own music. Getting their hands dirty. Not waiting for anyone to give them permission. Just doing it.


I thought to myself, “I want to do that.”


Back when it came out a couple of months ago, Taft’s record TDNP provided me with a soundtrack to the streets of New York City. Songs that I played on repeat for weeks.


In many ways I look up to Taft and his effort, his energy, spent as an artist. His persistence is an example, but his craftsmanship is an inspiration.


I hope you check out his music at


Here’s my interview with him in episode 43 of Make My Day


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Marcus Brown