On The Bus: Laundry

It's pretty amazing how I could fuck up just about every step in the process. My bag's too small, I paid too much, I put detergent in the softener hole, and used twice as much soap as I should have. 

Thankfully Joel was there to rectify my errors. I don't know if I've ever used a laundromat before, I've always done laundry at home. I've been in one, with Bobby Jealousy on that tour years ago. Did I not wash my clothes? I don't remember. I know I skipped a lot of meals. I had to have done some laundry. I probably did some laundry...

I discovered Joel owns the place as I walked past R's Laundromat around 9:40pm. He and a similarly aged woman, whom I assume to be his wife, were getting into a mid 2000s Honda Odyssey after what must have been another 15 hour day based on their 7am start time. I wonder how far away they live. 

One aspect of life in New York that I really love is how many lives are lived here. It's right in front of your face; all the other faces. On any given day you're interacting with thousands of people, each experiencing their own day through own their lens. 

Sometimes people smile. I've seen a few people cry. Some people yell at no one in general, fighting their demons in public. A lot of people try not to make eye contact, but sometimes you catch them off guard with a smile and they respond in kind. Some people don't wanna smile. That's ok too.  

Sometimes it's not appropriate to smile. The range of emotions experienced in this city is incredible. I was speaking to my friend Jon about this. It's wonderful to be happy and I do believe everyone to be ultimately responsible for their long range emotional experience, but at the same time the immediate emotional landscape requires navigation. Someone experiencing emotional depths such as despair would be so far away from the emotional state that produces a smile, you'd be almost insensitive to throw one their way. You've gotta meet people where they are. 

I'm still navigating this territory. You want to help but you're afraid of losing your own ground when you meet on another's. It seems, however, that as soon as you begin to worry about yourself, you lose anyway.   

Alright, this is my stop. Talk soon. 





Most eyes gravitate to the floor... 

Pictured above is an example of a floor with people feet on said floor.