Getting Back on the Horse

One of my good friends is going through a breakup as well. I saw him this weekend and asked how he's been. I asked if he was trying to get with girls and he hit me with some super big boy thoughts. He said "I've got to take this time to work on myself before I get back into dating anyone."

Its not like that thought hadn't crossed my mind when my split first happened... I just decided to approach the whole thing from the other direction. "I've got to get with someone before I can take time to work on myself." That was five months ago...

I don't know, I was frantic. I still am in someways. Now its like a slow motion freneticism, with a sobering clarity coming into view. I'm really not sure what that means...

I would love to fall in love again. Its October, the weather is getting extraordinarily cozy, its the perfect time to be super lazy and indulge in some Netflix binge-fests with that special someone. I ain't got no special someone, so I stay really far away from the television because its essentially a black hole on earth when you watch it alone.

My friend's sentiment arrived at the perfect time for me, a reassuring message from a brother to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep growing. I'm really happy to be working on myself in a meaningful way and I'm incredibly grateful to all the supportive folks and family I have in my life. Sometimes things get tough when it doesn't work quite like you thought it would. Or when you feel like its all for naught. 

And then you get that message from someone who cares about you, who's in the same boat, reminding you that we're all gonna be OK.