Tour Day 1: Abilene

All the stress surrounding my escape had seemingly began to boil over. I had been emotionally bulldozing everything in my path the last couple of days. The casualties included coworkers, coffee shoppers, close friends, etc... Putting everything together so that I could leave Austin for a month was a bit stressful for me. Through the whole process, I realized:

a. How much shit I have in my room

b. If you go to Kerbey Lane at 5am, your liable to get ignored for a while

c. If my computer was a human, it wouldn't be able to use the bathroom by itself (properly)

d. My hair doesn't really "make sense"

e. Despite how much its in my nature to take it easy, I'm not getting anywhere unless I bust my ass...

I finally hit the road yesterday. I love driving. I feel so much less alone in a car on the road than in a room. I've been working for Hey Cupcake! as their driver/supply coordinator for a year until just the other day, but over that time my affection for the road had reached a fever pitch. I think I get anxious not being in a car. I need to be able to hit 85mph in order to effectively out run my problems.

Texas is beautiful, despite what "them other folk" will lead you to believe. I know its just barely May, but the drive was as green as could be, and that sky sure was big and blue.

My first show was at this record store called "Record Guys." Not a ton of people but the owners bought a couple CDs. That made me feel good. Jon Howell, one of the owners, has been so incredibly helpful and friendly. He helped me book two shows, introduced me to radio DJs and other venues for next time around, and really made me feel welcome. If y'all come through Abilene, be sure to stop at Record Guys.

Tonight I'm playing at Play Faire Park, which is a mini golf course. If you need a visual for Markie on tour and you were imagining trashed hotel rooms, hookers, and massive amounts of cocaine, its probably time you adjust that image.

I'm staying with a great guy named Wyatt through He's been super hospitable, introducing me to lots of friends and bringing me along on their adventures. He's even set up a place for me to stay in Lubbock. A+ for Wyatt. If you haven't couchsurfed before, you should. How else are you gonna know where HEB is?