What does this look like? (First Post)


So, I'm typing words out. Pretty cool. One of the things about typing that I like is how slow I type.

That just took me like 5 minutes to type out. I prefer the "hunt and peck" method over the lame-ass proper way of doing it. Does that way even have a name? Jeex

The only problem I foresee in how slow I type is how long it will take me to write the inevitable autobiographical sci-fi thriller I'm working on Legend Has It (or whatever title I actually choose); A story of regression, redemption, and romance and football as well as other sports, plus fun anecdotes about life and just figuring it out in general).

 I reminded all my burnout musician roommates that the SXSW deadline is today and they were all like "Whatever, fuck the man. Like seriously." I said, "Cool, guys," and went back in my room, flipped on the teve and finished my application. There's a general feeling about Austin right now that closely resembles the "I liked that band, but now everyone does so I don't anymore," attitude. That's ok I guess. The main thing people complain about is how more good looking people live here now and traffic is bad, but if they were really Austinites they'd know all the shortcuts through town. 

Quick thoughts:

  1. wish tomorrow wasn't monday
  2. I need to take a shower
  3. There's a benefit to leaving food around in your room cuz you can eat it if you get hungry